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frankxdwayne's Journal

You do what you LOVE and fuck the rest
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Welcome to Hell frankxdwayne, a community for the characters or pairing of Frank and Dwayne from Little Miss Sunshine. Here you can post fan fiction, icons, other graphics, fanmixes, videos, etc. Have fun. Pretty much anything goes around here. Yeah, anything.
• Keep it Frank and Dwayne-centric, whether it's as a pairing or individually. Though that doesn't mean you have to exclude the rest of the family completely! And, yes, everyone loves The Office and Paul is as adorable as a basket of bunnies, but there are other places for that.

• Give warning when something (besides fic) is NSFW and use an LJ cut if necessary.

• Use the standard headers for fics with ratings and disclaimers and so forth. Put the main text of your fics behind a cut or link to it if elsewhere.

• Big graphics also go behind a cut. If you're posting icons, no more than three as teasers.

• TAG your posts. Here's the list for reference.

• It should go without saying, let's keep things civil. Flaming and such makes you a total loser.
Your leader is morelen.. Private message for questions, complaints, affiliations, etc.

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